Are you prepared?

Stock up the following items for at least 2-3 weeks:

•Non-Perishable items

•Rice, Dal, Oil

•Salt, Sugar or Sugar-Substitute(s)

•Coffee/Tea (for those who absolutely need!!)

•Soup Packs, Apple Sauces, Easy to eat food (for anyone who may be sick in the house during the lockdown period)

•Peanut Butter, Jelly (for Kid’s sandwich)

•Oat-meal / breakfast serials

•Dry nuts & fruits

Medical Supplies

•Please contact your Health Care Provider Ahead of time for any prescription medicine needs)

Household items to keep your hand & home clean

  • Cleaning supplies (Cloth washing soap, Dishwashing soap)

  • Hand Sanitizers 

Medicine & Food needs for Pets (if you have Pets at Home)

  • Cash in Hand (for any emergency)

  • To handle a week expense

  • Gas / Charge

  • Full tank of Gas in Car / Full charge in Electric Car
    Electronic items – Phone